Meet One Eyed Sandy from Derby Double

Some villains are hard to come up with and then there are some that just arrive in your head and tell you they are going to be part of your movie whether you like it or not. One Eyed Sandy McMemeny became one of those villains for me. It’s obvious with the name One Eyed Sandy is rather intimidating. He runs numbers in Liverpool and when he was a kid, he got into a brawl with someone, who bit his eye out and spit it on the street. Yes the man has a glass eye and the first shot where you meet Sandy is that menacing glass eye. This is not a man you want to mess with. In my movie Derby Double he proves it time and again. Here’s a scene I wrote. So sit back, relax and meet One Eyed Sandy McMenemy. The link is a downloadable file. Just click on it. the file will download and then you can read it.

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