Letters From England Long Overdue.

NEC Arundel Campus, the brain child of Gordon Bennett.

An idea I have had for a long time about my childhood is finally being told. It’s called Letters from England and it’s long overdue.

Writers always have a story somewhere. Long before I knew I wanted to write, I had been collecting stories to tell. My childhood box was filled with stories. There are stories about my summers in Wonalancet, and stories about the five years I lived in England. I was collecting these stories and yet I had no idea they were hidden away in this box or where the box was.

I found this box 8 years ago. It was in my imagination and sifted through it. My childhood was littered with the most interesting stories about my life in England. I began to think, ” wow, this could be a television series.” I listed these stories in a file on my computer. Part of them I had written before. I made an attempt to write a movie my life in England. To be honest, it was crap and I hated it, so I flushed it in the toilet. This was going to be new and broader. I have stories from my school days along with my family’s stories. The New England College campus in Arundel was filled with stories. How New England College began, was a story in of itself. I will tell that story and you will meet the character based on my father’s well respected boss Gordon Bennett. I needed to tell those There is the story of how my sister became obsessed with horses, and her constant battle with my mother to have a horse of her own. This seemed a small idea, but now that I have fleshed a character sketch for my sister, it’s much larger than I imagined. Through these stories I have discovered how fascinating my sister is to me. My mom and Dad’s pub days are interesting stories. They were members of the Pub Barbilliards team. My mom was one mean billiards player and you will hear about how the Tup Cup was started. I have a wild Halloween story that took place in England, and the English until recently never celebrate Halloween. Our first landlord becomes a prominent character through the England sections. The stories I have created around this man, have been embellished, but he becomes the antogonist for this series and his grasp into our family will reach across the pond to New Hampshire.

A recent idea that came to me were the summer stories. I got the idea to merge my stories through the title Letters from England. Why not have the character write letters to friends from both sides of the pond. This included my summers in Wonalancet. I made many friendships with the kids who summered in Wonalancet. One of them still lasts today. I have a some pretty wild outrageous stories with my best friend Dave. A couple of them may seem unbielvable, but they happened. One in particular will seem like something out of the X-files, but it really happened and I have a friend from high school, who confirmed it when he came for visit in Vermont. There are stories about the ghost that inhabits the summer home we lived in. That Ghost becomes a major factor in the pilot episode. A future episode will reveal her fictitious backstory.

The gang I spent the summers of my youth with.

I have stories about my days playing Base Ruth Baseball. Some of this I embellished. The character based on myself is a pitcher and he’s not bad. His Catcher is one of his summer friends based on a girl I knew from Massachusetts. I made her tough as nails, because, she was, but she had two weaknesses, Ghosts and Spiders. What story about my life would be complete without The Barnstormers. There are plenty of stories there.

The Pilot Episode has been a trip to write and has written itself. The characters have lead me into the mystical World of Wonalancet, which holds dark secrets. Some I have discovered are real and some I made up. As I re-read and wrote the second draft, I was surprised the Pilot was going to be this suspenseful. In the future I will post a link where you can read the pilot. Remember as you read the pilot, the stories that you are about to read are somewhat true and for the protection of people’s identities, the names and some of the places have been changed. Click the link below to read the pilot.

3 thoughts on “Letters From England Long Overdue.

  1. A play based on Camp Arundel would be amazing.
    Things that happened there were Amazing/Happy/Sad/Scary/Loving/Free
    Beautiful/Ugly and many more adjectives!!
    Story of Friendship/Camaraderie/Love found /Live Lost/Charm/Decadence and FUN!
    Plenty of us to give you stories ..
    Some you won’t believe .. But I’m hear to tell you : All (Most) True

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