Letters From England Humor Can From Unexpected Places.

Usually, if I use this picture than my episode has to do with Tamworth Babe Ruth Baseball. Episode three is called Four Eyes. You might have guessed that it has something to do with glasses. I have written three acts so far and it is mostly a Tamworth Babe Ruth Episode. I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but it is the small scene within this episode, that I will talk about and give you a little insight.

The one year that I played Babe Ruth, we had a catcher on our team. I will call him Tom as I don’t wish to reveal who this guy is. Tom was a big muscular tall kid. He was a three-sport star at Kennett. I think he was selected All-State for Football. Tom was also one of the leaders on our Babe Ruth team. He was a pretty good hitter. Batting practice was usually a treat because we would watch Tom launch howitzer after howitzer into the Brett School Tennis courts. Tom had one particular problem, sometimes he became a little too passionate and competitive out on the Baseball Diamond. One particular day, Tom let his competive nature get the better of him. We were playing Fryburg Academy on a cold rainy day. The field was thick with fog, the base paths were drenched with mud and forget home plate, you couldn’t even see it. Our Pitcher that day, (Also our Shortstop.) was a big burly kid. (I call him CJ in the series.) I had the pleasure of playing both Junior High ball and Babe Ruth with CJ. On that day, CJ had great stuff. Everything was in or around the plate. When he got a strikeout it was because he struck out swinging. The problem was those beautiful pitches hitters were laying off of. The Ump(Who couldn’t see through the fog or find home plate due to the mud.) seemed to think those pitches were balls or off the plate or too inside. We all knew CJ was getting hosed and we all grumbled, because when we came up, he was calling balls in the dirt strikes. It made all of us wonder whether he was being paid by Fyrburg. The person that knew it the most was Tom. Tom started to grumble or make some side comment, like “Where was that Ump?” or, “You gotta be kidding me right?” The Ump ignored him. It was late in the game when Tom had finally had enough. CJ threw this pitch that would have made Tom Seaver weep from the perfection of it. It was a strike. The Ump called ball four. Tom leaps to his feet and gets in the Umps face. Now knowing Tom as I did, I am sure an expletive came flying out of his mouth. Or he simply would have asked him if he was blind? (Which I think he did on two or three occasions.) Whatever Tom said was enough to throw him out of the game. That really sent Tom into a tether. Tom’s Dad was often at our games. his horn was usually the loudest whenever one of our players got some huge hit. Tom, looked about ready to kill. His Dad comes running to home plate and pulls him back before Tom assaulted him.

I knew I was going to use this scene, but I didn’t realize how much funnier it would be putting a girl in the role of the Dudley Tigers Catcher. It works beautifully and the sarcastic comments that come out of Marty’s mouth are priceless.

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