Letters From England. The Legend of Free Wheeling Frank.

1958- Portrait of author Jack Kerouac.

Of all the interesting stories my mother told it was Free Wheeling Frank. The first semester, this student(If he was.) came into the NEC Arundel bookstore every day like clockwork and asked my mother if she had the book Free Wheeling Frank. Now my mom never knew this guy’s name, maybe she and Bea Gay didn’t think to ask, or maybe she liked the idea of not knowing. It certainly made this guy seem mysterious. Throughout the years I have thought about this guy and wondered who he was and what his story was. I never really could come up with the story, until recently. As the years wore on, this image came to me. I saw a biker with perhaps a ponytail, smoking camel lights or perhaps Marlboro’s tucked underneath a white short-sleeved t-shirt. Sometimes I saw him in a leather jacket and I always imagined he was on a motorcycle. After all, why wouldn’t he be, the book he was asking about as Free Wheeling Frank and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Recently, as I thought more and more about Free Wheeling Frank, more of his story came into my head. I got to thinking he didn’t go to NEC, he just hopped on a plane with his girlfriend who was an NEC student. I saw him as a guy, who came from a wealthy family. After all, how else would he be able to put a motorcycle in the cargo hold of a plane? His girlfriend’s parents didn’t care for this guy. He was James Dean on a Harley and dangerous. I see him being a disciple of Jack Kerouac. I took it upon myself to order “On The Road” and ” The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”. My mom never found the book Free Wheeling Frank. After six months, Free Wheeling disappeared just as mysteriously as he arrived on the NEC Arundel campus. I have often wondered if anyone from NEC, knew this guy, who he was, and what his story was. Maybe if there was a girlfriend, she can tell me about him. Maybe other students came into contact with this strange Jack Kerouac character and they can tell me who he was.

This episode may not be part of Episode Four, but it is coming, maybe episode 5 or 6. I for one and darned interested in Free Wheeling Frank, the man who showed up one day in a bookstore and kept asking if my mom if she had Free Wheeling Frank. I always like to think that one day, he got on his motorcycle and rode off into the sunset, never to be heard from again. The legend of Free Wheeling Frank coming soon on Letters From England. I am intrigued to discover what I come up with for this episode.

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