Letters From England Episode 4 Welcome To England.

The two pictures I have used in this post have nothing to do with one another in real life. I used artistic license to create an interesting two part episode involving the supposed passageway in the library at Arundel Castle. In my fictitious tale, Ned and his new friend Simon Dorsett hear of a passageway in the Chapel theatre. They search and find it, but where does it lead?

Many NEC theatre productions were performed at the little chapel in Arundel, including a production of Tobacco Road. I don’t know how they put a set as huge as they built into this one space, but yet it was done.

In this episode we finally see Ned write a letter to Chuck about his first few days in England, while he struggles to find anything to say to Marty.

Arundel Castle Library where the is supposedly a hidden passageway.

For this episode I felt it was important to use the narrative as much as possible. I wanted to show Ned’s new experiences. For instance the three wheeled cars he sees all over England and his fascination with them.

In this episode we meet one of Blake’s poker buddies from Juniper a wild character named Marlon Grainger, whose opinionated and uses colorful language. Ned is also introduced to two new characters, Simon Dorsett, Daniel’s youngest son and the untouchable Rosalyn Atherton-Hall, daughter of the rich and powerful Lord Atherton-Hall.

if you have read the three previous episodes then I welcome your comments as well as any comments on this episode.

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