Letters From England. Belinda’s a memorable backdrop for Episode 5.

Episode five is called The Secret Passage. In this episode I use one of my favorite places in all of Arundel as a locale.

Ned and Simon find themselves lost in this secret passage with all kinds of scary obtacles. Their parents are searching for them all over the place. I decided that I needed a way for Simon’s brother Noah and Darcy to get escape the orientation. I wanted them to have a get to know one another date. I chose a unique spot. I chose Belinda’s tearoom on Tarrant Street. Belinda’s was a treat. My whole family loved it, particularly my sister and mother.

Belinda’s is a small little place with white wood panelling and a wooden roof and black trim. I think it had been open only a few years when we moved. No one knew about this place, but by the time we left England for good, everyone knew about Belinda’s/ As i am writing about Belinda’s I can smell it. I imagine onto Tarrant street and there it is, the delicious sweet aroma’s. The Chocolate cakes, the strawberry tarts, the mince pies and the scones made my nostrils and taste buds ache for that first pleasurable bite. My mother was a connissuer of cheesecake. Every time it was on the menu at any restaurant we went to she would order it. My Dad would ask how it was and she would say, “No it doesn’t match up to the best cheesecake I ever had. We never knew where this place was. However; the first time I heard about this mysterious cheesecake was right after we moved to England. I began to realize was the best cheesecake my mom ever tasted at Belinda’s. It had to have been, because they had a killer cheesecake.. The minute you took a bite, it melted in your mouth and the sweet taste lingered for hours. You were heaven.

The owner of Belinda’s, who was one of the sweetest women you’d ever meet. After we became regulars Belinda immediatly knew what we wanted. My Dad and I always had the mince pies, because those also melted in your mouth. If I was with Dad or Mom on the weekend and they had to go into the college for any reason(Usually Mom did the laundry next door to the bookstore.), it was always Belinda’s afterwards. Perhaps Dad and I would go to the barbershop first and then go in afterwards. Belinda’s was as much a part of NEC Arundel as say the Nook was to Henniker. The place had it’s own charm. It was small but was split into two levels. It was quiet place where you couldn’t hear conversation from the next table. It was so quiet it was almost like having tea in a library.

I never knew I would be using this small, quaint tea shop in my television series, but I have the feeling this will not be the last time I do. It seems to fit Letters From England. Thank you Belinda’s for the great memories and all those wonderful cakes and my mom thanks you for that melt in your mouth cheesecake.

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