Letters From England, A New Idea

Butlins. Sorry it’s in Bogner I couldn’t resist.

Yes that is Butlins. I couldn’t resist using it for this blog post.

Today, I had one of those writing moments that happens when you least expect it. I was performing the second edit of Episode five when I reached the last act and there is this scene between Noah and Darcy, followed by a Ned narrative. As I am editing the Ned narrative I began to think of what I wanted to do for episode six, which is the continuation of this date between Noah and Darcy. Then bingo it hits me, why have Ned write this letter, why not Darcy. In fact, why not have Blake tell some stories to his friends back home and Eileen do the same, so you are looking at the whole family’s perspective. This completely spontaneous and that is when I like the ideas to hit me. I had also planned in future episodes to have Marty and Chuck both write back to Ned and they tell a story about their lives.

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