Letters From England/Next Episode in The Works

In my five years I lived in England, I went to two different schools. My primary school, was down the road from me. Then I moved on and attended Chichester High School for Boys. In my story I called the town Chilton and the school is named Chilton School For Boys. This is where my brief but illustrious Cross Country and track career happened. You never think you’re going to get in a race when you’re the alternate, in my case it happened twice. In my case, something awful happened to the best runner in my home form and I became his replacement on both occasions.

Today I scoured the internet for my alma mata and found this familiar building. This is the front of the lower school of Chichester High. I found some more modern pictures of the school. It has appeared to have been completely rebuilt and the school uniform and badge have completely changed. The blazer is now a purplish blue. I am not partial to either the old snot green blazer or the new purplish blue blazer. I am not partial to the Purplish blue one that has replaced it. The badge has also changed. The three partridges remain, but the color is now red.

I spent two years of my life in that building the Chichester High building. I wouldn’t say they were fond, but they didn’t kill me and I lived through the good and the bad. This school will be a major part of my English years in Letters From England. I went to school here with many chums from my Eastergate days and along the way, met many new characters who will create the tapestry of what I write about this school. The teachers I met there, were a mix of awesome and just plain mean. Some were far too strict. I went to this school at a time when Corporal punishment was allowed within the law. It has been some time since England, decided to outlaw punishment for infractions with a cain or a slipper. Thankfully I escaped such a fate, but I knew others that did not.

The introduction of this episode isn’t just about Ned’s first day at an English School. It’s about the Livingston family first day. Ned’s day starts off on the wrong foot as he meets a bully. Gareth Langmere ends up saving him when they meet for the first time. The incident I wrote happened at Eastergate Primary. I set this up at the Westergate Bus stop. At Eastergate Gareth was not the one who saved my butt,(Although he did make things easier for me when I arrived.) it was an Upper Junior who I became friends with.

The original idea for Gareth was my Football friend at Eastergate. I had a problem with him. I wanted to fit in another character. There was another student I met at Chichester, who was the son of a military officer. His name was Martin Bacon. For a time Martin and I became great friends, by the time I left, Martin and I were still good friends but we had drifted. Like my buddy Christian(Gareth.), he was a class act. I decided to merge the two to create one character. I have many Martin Bacon stories to tell and through Gareth I will tell stories of Martin and Christian, fictitious and truthful.

As we watch all four of the family go through their first day of work, or school, Eileen’s story becomes the most interesting. It will be on her first day that you see a tease of Free Wheeling Frank. This sets you up nfor the Free Wheeling Frank Episode. I have some interesting plans with this story, so stay tuned, Free Wheeling Frank is coming.

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